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We offer a list of stone houses for sale in Cyprus. Cyprus is a great country for investment, especially when your purchase combines nature and tradition.

The stone houses for sale are carefully chosen to meet different needs and preferences. From traditional stone houses in the countryside to modern, state-of-the-art stone properties in the city, our company has the perfect fit for stone house potential buyers.

Stone houses can be found all over Cyprus with the most stone houses being in the rural areas and the suburbs of Limassol and Paphos. Most of the properties combine a stone and wood design to serve the amazing Cyprus traditional stone construction which is always in balance with the island’s topography.

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Stone Houses for Sale in Cyprus

stone house in limassol with a pool

3-bedroom stone house in Limassol

This unique stone-built property is located in a quiet traditional Cyprus village in the suburbs of Limassol, within a few minutes’ drive from wineries, shops and tavernas. It is built in a large plot and has its own private pool and beautiful garden.


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stone house in paphos

Modern stone property in Paphos

This state-of-the-art stone property is set in Paphos just a few minutes’ drive from the sea, schools, supermarkets and Paphos International airport.


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stone house cyprus limassol

Magnificent stone property

This three-bedroom stone house is a perfect representation of tradition and elegance combined. Its huge garden is as one with the nature surrounding the property.

Buying a Stone House in Cyprus

Stone has been used as a building material since the ancient years and is no luck it is still used today.

Benefits of buying a stone house in Cyprus:

The material

  • Strong and durable.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Easy to maintain; it does not need painting or replacing.
  • Does not get easily damaged.

The investment

  • Property values in Cyprus are constantly growing.
  • A stone house can give you a guaranteed rental income.
  • Possible eligibility for a Permanent Residency in Cyprus.
  • Possible eligibility for the Housing Incentive Scheme for Mountainous, Remote and Disadvantaged Areas.
  • Possibility to receive UNESCO grant money for the renovation of a traditional stone house.
  • Even though stone used to be the main building material on the island, stone properties are now unique and valuable.
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Stone Houses in Cyprus

Discover our stone houses in the peaceful countryside of Cyprus.

Traditional-style stone house

This impressive stone house in Cyprus countryside is surrounded by nature both around the property but also within its own large garden. Its traditional yet elegant design gives the place a unique character.


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stone house with pool in limassol

Limassol suburbs stone house

This 3-bedroom luxury stone house consists of 2 bedrooms, a large private swimming pool and parking. It has air-conditioning, and a fireplace and it is fully furnished.


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stone house limassol cyprus

Imposing stone house

This enormous stone house is part of a development with 6 to 10-bedroom properties. It Is located in the suburbs of Limassol, surrounded by nature. It has a beautiful garden with grass, a large private swimming pool and a barbeque space. It has gated private access and CCTV.


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stone house limassol cyprus


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Coastal Stone Properties for Sale in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful scenery. It also offers a unique opportunity for those who are searching for luxurious break to their vacation home on this beautiful Mediterranean island. In this blog post you can learn about all the amazing opportunities that come along with owning a luxury stone house in Cyprus and the coastal stone properties for sale in Cyprus.

the unique charm of traditional stone courtyards in cypriot homes
The Unique Charm of Traditional Stone Courtyards in Cypriot Homes

Within the island of Cyprus, with a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty, you can find unique architectural features that embrace the charm of the traditional stone courtyards. These stone houses have picturesque characteristics that play a significant role in enhancing the appeal and functionality of traditional homes in Cyprus. In this blog post, you can learn more information about the unique charm of traditional stone courtyards in Cypriot homes.

how stone houses maintain optimal temperatures
How Stone Houses Maintain Optimal Temperatures

Stone houses have always been a popular choice for homeowners, thanks to their timeless charm and beautiful appearance. People choose to live in stone houses because they offer a unique sense of cosiness and keep temperatures right all year round.


What kind of stone materials are used for stone houses in Cyprus?

There are several stones that are used for the construction or the decoration of stone houses in Cyprus. These include reef and other limestones, chalks, calcarenites, silicified chalks, pebbles and gravels and diabase. Calcarenites, chalks, limestones and diabase stones are both building and decorative stones.

Are there a lot of stone houses in Cyprus?

While stone used to be the most used material for house building on the island, not a lot of people or developers use it for their new properties. Therefore, purchasing a stone house in Cyprus is a great investment as they are now sort of rare which makes them unique and valuable.

Are all of the stone houses for sale in Cyprus old?

Not all stone houses for sale in Cyprus are old. There are impressive modern houses that incorporate the traditional stone element or off plan stone houses that are yet to be built.